Trip to Rescue, an AIEA project, was born to positively counterbalance the steady loss of wildlife, flora and habitat worldwide.
The best way to raise awareness and make it life-long commitment is to involve as many people as possible with nature conservation using a firsthand approach. 
Our team is composed by young people with a volunteering background in Africa and ecotourism and enough experience to develop this project. Although we are all Italian, we also speak English, French, Spanish a little Portuguese!
Our goal is to find people that are passionate about Africa, interested in ethical ecotourism and obviously that are nature lovers!
Education is essential for everyone's personal growth, to learn how to love nature for what it truly is and how to conserve it in an efficient way. The type of education we receive determines the quality of our work and of the choices we make. Therefore, not only are we always striving to perfect our skills, but we develop and organise workshops to share the knowledge we already have. 
Every year, our team organises workshops (in Africa) and training courses (in Italy) for beginners, nature enthusiasts and experts. Everyone can join us and together with our specialists, moved by the love for nature and its conservation, you will be taken into a real African experience. 
The main focus of the workshops and courses are:
- Wildlife conservation 
- Wildlife knowledge 
- Human-Wildlife mitigation project
- Local communities involvment in conservation project
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In 2019 we will be organising several courses in Italy aimed at training future volunteers and preparing them for their experiences in Africa. Contact us if you'd be interested in participating!


Our workshops take place in several countries in the African continent and are true life experiences in which our participants not only have the chance to live on site but to discover exactly what makes Africa so special.


We recommend a series of projects and organisations in which you can volunteer safely. All the organisations that we will send you to are conservation based and have a strong positiva impact on the local environment.